Welcome to the 2nd Ducatus Asian Summit 2020!

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Event Schedule

TimeWhat’s Happening
17:00 – 17:05 Opening Speech
by Ronny Tome
17:05 – 17:20AA Plus – Tricks Of The Trade And Special Products
by Alex Benson
17:20 – 17:35Gold As An Asset – Physical Or Digital
by Walter Wee
17:35 – 17:40Throwback to Ducatus Global Summit 2020 in Budapest
17:40 – 17:55Indonesia, Land Of Endless Opportunities
by Stephanus Widjaja
17:55 – 18:10The Basics Of Online Security
by Mouhsin Senhaji
18:10 – 18:40BREAK
18:40 – 18:55It’s All About Merchants
by Franco Fenoglietto
18:55 – 19:10D-Express… Enter The World Of Franchising
by Sanjay B
19:10 – 19:25The Perfect Pitch
by Luca Riccardi
19:25 – 19:40The Release: Back Office 3.0
by Silke Leistner
19:40 – 19:55Micro Investments And Crypto – The Ducatus Model
by Ronny Tome
19:55 – 20:15BREAK
20:15 – 21:00Panel Discussion
Zoom Session

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    17:05 PM SGT: AA Plus – Tricks Of The Trade And Special Products

    Speaker: Alex Benson

    Alex Benson is the Head of Trading and Exchange for the AA+ Exchange platform. Here, he shares some expert trading tips and introduces the type of products that AA+ Exchange offers. To learn more and sign up for a free account on AA+, go to aaplussg.com.

    17:20 PM SGT: Gold As An Asset – Physical Or Digital

    Speaker: Walter Wee

    Walter Wee, Chief Investment Officer at KINGS Group shares how saving or investing in gold offers you a way to invest and grow your wealth. To learn more about KINGS Group, go to kings.com.sg.

    17:35 PM SGT: Ducatus Global Summit 2020 – Budapest

    Throwback to Ducatus Global Summit 2020 that took place in Budapest, Hungary.

    17:40 PM SGT: Indonesia, Land Of Endless Opportunities

    Speaker: Stephanus Widjaja (BISA)

    With Indonesia’s geography, large population and the potential of its current and future human resources, there are still many things and business opportunities in Indonesia that have not been explored. The digital economy, especially cryptocurrency, blockchain and bitcoin has many big opportunities, especially starting from education and trade. Learn more about BISA at bisakita.com.

    17:55 PM SGT: The Basics Of Online Security

    Speaker: Mouhsin Senhaji

    Spending time on the internet used to be something we did for fun. In recent months that has changed. Now, we are more and more dependent on the internet to do our jobs, to educate our children and to run businesses. That’s why modern cyber-attacks increasingly target users through web browsers. Here, Mouhsin Senhaji, Head of IS of Ducatus Group of Companies, shares the basics and importance of online security.

    INTERMISSION 18:10 – 18:40

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    BISA is a Business Networking platform that bridges Singapore and Indonesia and provides various services aiming to help business growth. BISA also helps to expand connections for Indonesians-Singaporeans.

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    Centurion Global – Turning potential into possibilities
    A global business with proven expertise in sales and marketing, Centurion Global makes ideas marketable and profitable to bring more opportunities for all members of society to  grow and thrive. Through technology and innovation, Centurion Global is continuously developing a sustainable framework that allows people to design their ideal financial future and build generational wealth together. 

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    18:40 PM SGT: It’s All About Merchants

    Speaker: Franco Fenoglietto

    Franco Fenoglietto, who has been responsible for the Italian merchants since September 2020, shares all you need to know about Ducatus Merchants.

    18:55 PM SGT: D-Express… Enter The World Of Franchising

    Speaker: Sanjay B

    Sanjay B, Head of Business Development and Global Sales breaks down the Ducatus franchise business model – a great opportunity that builds on on the proven concept of franchising. It is designed especially to develop a framework of businesses and partnership, allowing our community to flourish and grow create lasting generational wealth.

    19:10 PM SGT: The Perfect Pitch

    Speaker: Luca Riccardi

    Learn how to nail that perfect pitch! In this video, Luca Riccardi (Head of Support and Network Operations in Italy) presents his version of how we can easily grow our community by inviting new members to join us, using the simple presentation deck for The Network by Centurion.

    19:25 PM SGT: The Release – Back Office 3.0

    Speaker: Silke Leistner

    Silke Leistner, Operations Director or Europe, presents all the latest features of the major and exciting upgrade to the Back Office, a fundamental tool for our sales and network marketing activities. The NEW Member Portal 3.0 will go LIVE on January 1st 2021.

    19:40 PM SGT: Micro Investments And Crypto – The Ducatus Model

    Speaker: Ronny Tome

    After hinting the Ducatus Model for micro investments in the 1st Ducatus Digital Summit four months ago, Ronny Tome (CEO of the Ducatus Group of Companies) breaks down in detail the great potential of the new Centurion Crowdfunding Page.

    BREAK 19:5520:15

    Join the Panel Discussion at 8:15 PM SGT!

    Topic: Social Impact Investments on Blockchain

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